1. Feeling really alone and unsupported in this final stretch. My professors are busy, I have no idea how I’m doing. I’ve worked so hard for months and months. Why am I not closer to finishing?

  2. First time crawling on the beach. First steps. Almost to the first draft of this thesis. First time working my tail off as a mom. When I think about it, lots of firsts around here.

  3. I’ve been terrible this week at recording. So many things launching and starting out. I’m redoubling my efforts and: here is the first creemee of the season. What’s a first where you are?

  4. Three generations of shoes. Can you tell which ones are my mom’s? When I surface from the yoke of this deadline, I want to spend a week taking pictures of peoples’ shoes around this city.

  5. I am gearing up for the final push on my thesis, after spending time in panic mode this week. It seems appropriate to post the final calendar of deadlines: thirty five days left, including today.

  6. Reading this just now, the phrase “imaginary perimeters”, energized me in the most unexpected way. At 9:48pm, after a day of hormones, and a fussy baby, and hard thesis feedback. I like the overlap too.

  7. I didn’t read your post until now, and then I saw that what you’re working on is so much like what I’m working on I had to show you. I like the overlap a lot.

    (Shoes maybe for next week?)

  8. I spent much of my workday on this paragraph. Not sure it’s worth it. At least now I know what I’m trying to say in this chapter, which makes rewriting later sections easier. Tomorrow: shoes!

  9. My deadline is getting so close. 6 weeks, including this one. It’s hard to think about anything else. I hired a sitter, and my mom’s helping too. But oh my, so so much to do.

  10. Yes, boundaries. I’ve been thinking about instincts, myself. They’re related. Am interviewing babysitters for the final thesis push. It’s a surprisingly terrifying process. The key is to listen to my instincts about people, I’m finding.